Am I Just a Whiney Baby?

October 23, 2009

Maybe it is because my husband and I have been listening to Dave Ramsey or maybe it is due to my laziness,  but we are putting the main house on the market so we can remodel the lake house.  For the past two years, we have spent more time on home repairs than on home enjoyment.  Where do I begin?  The crushed septic field lines underneath the newly installed tumbled stone patio started it all, 3 AC units that gave up the ghost,  a new roof, trees that had to be cut down because they were growing over the roof,  garage doors that broke despite having them serviced every year, 3 skylights that started leaking, 11 large pine trees that have blown over due to storms (I am thankful they fell away from the house), a washer and dryer and refrigerator that had to be replaced,  a leaky 2nd water heater we didn’t know we had in the attic until it was too late,  dry wall repairs from the roof, the water heater and the skylights, squirrells in the attic  (we did catch and release–they can’t get back in because we cut down the trees) and I am not including all the repairs I have done myself. To borrow from a 6 year old nephew talking about the family dog who wanted to go outside and play, am I just being a “whiney baby?” 

Hawk, the Whiney Baby

Hawk, the Whiney Baby

 I hope not and that is not my intention.  We are excited about this journey!  We have been saving ideas,  pictures, thoughts, and a dream list in an idea file for 7 years.  Our ultimate goal is to have a place that is comfortable and welcoming to family and friends.  There have been a lot of good memories made at the lake house and we look forward to many more. We meet with a draftsman and builder tomorrow morning and I plan to document this remodel every step of the way.

The Lake House

The Lake House

Our View

Our View


2 Responses to “Am I Just a Whiney Baby?”

  1. centria Says:

    Good luck with your decision to remodel the lake house. Looks like a beautiful place to live. Love your whiney baby swimming!

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