The Home Remodel Journey Begins

October 27, 2009

We met with a architectural designer/draftsman and builder on Saturday armed with a 7 year folder full of pictures and ideas.  The night before, my husband, a brilliant organizer, and I took the idea folder and hashed out the details.  We came up with a list of what we needed, what we wanted, and what we are willing to compromise on.  For instance, I am giving up the formal dining room to a office/library, but will be gaining a much improved and brighter eating area with a view off the kitchen. 

The designer called yesterday and said he found a copy of the original plans from the HOA and a septic site plan. That will save him time and us money!!  Our first challenge will be building around the septic tank and field lines because they, of course, are exactly where the addition will be going.  We should start receiving drafts by Friday.  This is great motivation to get the main house ready to put on the market by the Spring.


The street side of the lake house.


Billie looking for anything she can chase.


One Response to “The Home Remodel Journey Begins”

  1. Wow that’s cool. Atmosphere around the house is natural & greenish that automatically attract people. The design was also good & classical, that leave a mark in the bottom of the heart.

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